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 We provide the following services for foreign companies and foreigners in Japan.

 As you know, Japanese tax system is very difficult to understand.

 We explain Japanese tax matters to you easily.

 Whenever you need to concentrate on your business, we can always support you.

 If you need any information or have questions, don't hesitate to contact us.

Tax Return Services

・Preparation of Japanese Individual and Corporate Income Tax Return

・Preparation of Japanese Individual and Corporate Local Income Tax Return

・Preparation of Japanese Consumption Tax Return

・Preparation of Japanese Estate & Gift Tax Return

・Preparation of U.S. Individual Income Tax Return

・Preparation of U.S. Individual State Income Tax Return

Tax Planning & Simulation

Translation of Tax Return

Tax Consultation

Accounting Services


・Preparation of General ledger & Trial balance

・Preparation of Financial Statements

Compilation of Financial Statements

Translation of Financial Statements

・Accounting Consultation

Tax Agent Services

・Tax Agent for Japanese Tax

・Application forms for Tax Treaty

・Claim Tax Refunds of withholding on Lump-sum payment of Pension Insurance

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:Yasumichi Sakai

 Japan Certified Tax Accountant(#126164)

 Japan Certified Public Accountant(#39274)

 Japan Real Estate Appraiser(#10502)

 US CPA in Washington State(#38261)

   US Enrolled Agent(Inactive) 

:Master of Law, Japan

 B.A. in Economics, Japan


:3-25-13-403 Nakaochiai, Shinjuku-ku

   Tokyo, Japan 161-0032


Sakai Yasumichi Certified Public Accountant Office